Infinite Crisis All Star Weekend


With KG Origin taking home the PAX East 25k Inventional and the Razer Exhibition Tournament, Turbine has announced an All-Star game that will have the best players compete against each other in a best of three showmatch. The fans voted who they wanted to compete in the All-Star Showmatch hosted by Turbine.

Team 1:
Top – Eaze (KG Origin)
Jungle – Spaghetti (Complexity)
Mid – Bluefreeze (Complexity)
ADC – Crypsi (KG Origin)
Support – Darky (Dignitas)

Team 2
Top – Telekinetic (Complexity)
Jungle – Kai (KG Origin)
Mid – Genre (KG Origin)
ADC – Ciiro (Dignitas)
Support – GeeEss (KG Origin)

Who do you think will dominate in their role? See this Saturday as the best players of PAX East participate in an all out brawl.Catch the All-Star action at where it will be livestream on 4/26 at 4PM EDT/8PM GMT.

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