JustUs announces Call of Duty Championship Roster

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Today, Kelevra Gaming and Yeousch team JustUs has finally announced their full roster for the Call of Duty Championships Million Dollar tournament; which is set to take place in Los Angeles, California March 28th and 29th.  Their roster consists of two players off of their original roster Tipsy and Gucci.  But will be adding the talents of Stainville, a long time Call of Duty Pro, one of the most known and accomplished players in the league.  Having played at the professional level in five Call of Duty games, it is easy to say that Stainville brings much to any team.

Having represented teams such as EnvyUs, Unite, Curse, and SoaR, Stainville is sure to be an asset  in the coming championship.   In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Astro Gaming gave Stainville a unique opportunity to play with Hank Baskett, a professional football player who has played for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Indianapolis Colts as well as the Minnesota Vikings, in a video series called Astro True Stories:



The JustUs fourth is no stranger to high rank placings either,  with the addition of Nelsoo, who has finished consistently inside the top 4 as a member of Team Kaliber.  Nelsoo has also teamed with Stainville before under the Kaliber banner in the Gfinity 2 tournament.

With the addition of Stainville and Nelsoo; JustUs has put togeather a solid roster going into the $1 Million tournament.

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