PAX East Saturday Results

KG Origin Winners

After months of hard work and dedication, Kelevra Gaming has taken 1st place at the PAX East 25k Invitational hosted by Turbine. KG Origin came out in an explosive fashion after the defeat against Dignitas after they return the favor today as KGO defeated them in the semifinals. They moved onto the finals facing the fan-favorites going into this tournament, Complexity who recently defeated VexX Gaming in their semifinal match. Going into the game, KG Origin previously defeated Complexity during the group stages, but everyone was out for blood.

The first game started out with early aggression from Complexity and controlling the first half of the game. From the spectator’s view, they had a huge advantage over KGO that could be snowballed to an early game one. Sadly for them, with Origin’s had superior late game skills and were able to beat Complexity in an hour long match. History repeated itself in the second game where Complexity were able to keep the pressure at the start, but fell to KG Origin where the team fights were key and took control in the late game. KG Origin was able to pull out the victory not only over Complexity, but all the best teams around the world and took home the 15k grand prize. Well done guys!

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