Post PAX East Interview: Kai


Toshiro: Before we start this interview, congratulations for winning the PAX East Invitational. As my first question, going into this event, what were you expecting?
Kai: Well, going into the event, winning was the biggest thing. Because of my bad sleeping habits, my main concern for PAX was my sleeping schedule. For the entire event, I roughly only slept for 10 hours and you never want to go into a event tired. It was kinda weird though, when I was traveling on the plane, I didn’t sleep on either flights and somehow fixed my sleep schedule when I got home.

Toshiro: What would you guys do before matches?
Kai: Preparations before the event had to be made. We put a lot of time creating strategies on paper and having notes on specific teams. As a team, we came together and had multiple discussion to develop trust between all of us so when we go in and play our matches, we don’t have communication problems and had the team chemistry. Honey Badger was a great supplement to have at the event. It kept all of us focused for the event and brought the hype into our games.

Toshiro: Who was going to be the biggest competition going into the event?
Kai: Complexity and Dignitas from EU were the teams we wanted to play against the most.

Toshiro: Were there any teams in pool play that surprised you?
Kai: Dignitas brought something specifically against me that won them the game. They used a champion I’ve never played against, Shazam in the jungler role. This unorthodox pick made me uncomfortable to play. That pick forced me to play on edge and with my lack of knowledge, I performed poorly in that game against Dignitas. Not only that, the Cyborg pick from Crypsi.

Toshiro: What needed to change for the upcoming game against Dignitas the next day?
Kai: Picks and bans was our downfall in our previous game against them. After our lost, we went back to the hotel and studied the video from the Dignitas game. We reorganized as a team a prepared a new strategy for the following day.

Toshiro: dat Flash Pick in the semi-finals against Dignitas doh. Why did you let him through the pick and ban phase?
Kai: We kinda knew they were going to pick it if we didn’t ban it so we created a battle plan against it. We didn’t want Crypsi on a hero he wasn’t comfortable on so we wanted to grab Green Arrow for him because we know he can carry on him. Our pick and bans was much better than our last game against them, but we were not scared against the Flash.

Toshiro: How was your preparation like before you faced Complexity in the finals
Kai: In our scrim schedule, we haven’t played against Complexity since the qualifier finals for PAX, but we defeated them before and we were ready to do it again. We knew they played very aggressive early game and liked to apply pressure top and mid so it was my job was to counter their jungler and always be one step ahead of him. Our team is hands down, the best late game team in Infinite Crisis so it was up to me to prolong the game for the lanes to out-scale our opponents and carry us.

Toshiro: After the game one victory over Complexity, what was the atmosphere like with your team?
Kai: Everyone was hyped after that game. Even though coL had the early game pressure, we had the advantage going into the late game and the team chemistry that they lacked. Just from looking over at our opponents, we knew they were frustrated and had the confidence to close out the series in game two.

Toshiro: After you won the Invitational at PAX East, thinking back to it, was there any factors that contributed to your win over the rest of the competition?
Kai: It comes down to our superior team chemistry and trust between every player to perform. We all trusted each to carry their own weight so when we get into the team fights, we executed our strategies perfectly without worrying about my teammates being behind throughout each game. Some examples of this was Crypsi not dying in almost every game (besides that one game where he decided to play Cyborg) or GeeEss’ with his beautiful initiations.

Toshiro: What’s in the future for KG Origin?
Kai: Continue to become stronger as a team because we’ve only been teaming together for six weeks before PAX East. We’ve been practicing together daily and preparing for upcoming tournaments.

Toshiro: Wrapping up this interview, do you have any shoutouts you would like to say?
Kai: I would like to thank Astro Gaming for sending us headsets for everyone at the event. Honey Badger for supplying us energy and giving us the ability to keep focus in-game. Gunnar for our new glasses for protecting our eyes while we’re playing our matches. Most of all, thank you to everyone at Kelevra Gaming for keeping us comfortable during this weekend. Giving us time to sit and two hours of sleep between each day.

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