Pre-UGC Niagara Interview: Historify & Divine


Interview with Historify, Captain of Team Fuse

Toshiro: Whether it’s called UGC or UMG Niagara, good luck this weekend. Anyways, you’ve been in a couple roster changes with Fuse. What made you decide on players you picked up for the team?
Historify: After the qualifier, Me and Moti decided to go with Phaze and Thing2 because we had previous experience with both players, but Thing2 left after UMG Philly. Though scrimming with other players, they wanted to come back to Fuse so we to give them a second chance. As time went on, we weren’t comfortable playing with Phaze and he didn’t play the role we needed him to play so we had to let him go. We ended picking up Trojan as our final fourth because we’ve teamed with him in the past and he was one of the founding members of Fuse.

Toshiro: I know you’ve been competing in every 2k so far this year and that’s impressive in itself. How do you feel you stack up with the other teams. Predictions on your own placings?
Historify: Placing depends on open bracket because if we go off through open bracket and into Saturday we can easily get a top 8 at the event. One of the major problems is that this is the second time competing in the open bracket since the formation as a team under the Kelevra Gaming organization so if we’re not prepared for our matches, we might play poorly, but I’m confident in myself and my team that we can perform exceptionally well at Niagara.

Toshiro: You’ve been scrimming a large amount compared to other teams. Are there any teams you’re worried about facing in open bracket?
Historify: The only notable teams in the open bracket is Curse.Black, JusTus, and Rise besides us. We’re not taking any team lightly in the tournament, but those are the only teams that stand out compared to the rest of competition at the event.

Toshiro: Recently today MLG announced that the Bizon is going to be banned for the event. What are you thoughts on this?
Historify: I think it was necessary to ban the Bizon because it changed the entire dynamic of the game because it allowed some players that lacked gunskill gain an edge over others due to the gun itself. It was like the FAL and KAP-40 in the beginning of Black Ops 2 or the PP90 in Modern Warfare 3, but once the removed both the FAL and KAP-40, it enhanced the skill gap exactly where it should have been.

Toshiro: What was the preparation like going into Niagara. How well is your team ready?
Historify: We’re definitely prepared for every situation for every game type. For example, we have 10-15 different strategies and variations for SnD against multiple teams. Respawn is very generic in how it’s played, but we’re prepare to play any team and we have some tricks up our sleeves. We’re well versed against all types of teams because we constantly played amatuer and other pro teams.

Toshiro: Who do you want to play the most at the event?
Historify: Who else than Complexity. If you don’t play the best and beat the best then there is no point in playing anymore. I want to play the number one team in the game and that’s coL.

Toshiro: Win or lose, what’s the future for Fuse after Niagara?
Historify: We’re already booked for MLG Anaheim, but I think it all depends on our placing at Niagara. Individually we all have our own views as to our gaming careers. For myself I do not have as much time as I used to when i was 15 or 16 years old. Gaming full time, is extremely time consuming and if you’re not at the .0001% in the league, it is not a viable career choice. So at this point it is a matter of constant progression or hitting the “lottery”

Toshiro: We’re almost at the end of this interview, do you have any shoutouts you would like to say?
Historify: I would like to thank my family and friends who supported me throughout the years. Huge thanks to Rodger and Kelevra Gaming ever since they’ve fully funded me and my team to every event under their wings. Much appreciation to you for taking the time to do this interview. Also all the other teams under the KG organization for treating me like family. My last shoutout goes to my girlfriend because. “Girlfriend is love, girlfriend is life.” #BecauseSheMadeMeSayThis

Interview with Divine, Coach of Team Fuse

Toshiro: So before asking you the questions, would you like to introduce yourself and explain who you are and what you do for the team.
Divine: My name is Divine or Dee for short. I’m the coach and manager for Fuse. Keeping Kelevra Gaming up-to-date with the team and helping them get better at the game overall.

Toshiro: What was Fuse’s practice schedule like? How did you guys prepare for this event?
Divine: Multiple scrims everyday against every team, amateur and pro. If someone can’t get on, they play GameBattles to hone their gunskill. Whether it’s 3v3s or doubles, they play until everyone gets on. Fuse has played in every 2k this season and competing for pro points. They play 8’s when team practice is over. We also record our gameplay and analyze what we do good and poorly so we can improve.

Toshiro: Who do you think will be the biggest competition for Fuse?
Divine: It really depends on who they play. So far, Complexity and Envy has given them the most trouble, but I feel confident that we can come out on top if they put their hearts into it. We’ve played all the Curse teams, JusTus, and Rise because they’re in open bracket with us. When we faced against JusTus, the games were very close. We won majority of our games against Rise, but when we played Curse.Black, they’ve been beating us in scrims so in my eyes, they’re going to be our biggest rivals if we face them in the open bracket.

Toshiro: Do you agree on the recent Bizon ban?
Divine: I don’t disagree with the ban because the gun was broken. For example, NexX posted this video where he melted a dude across map on Octane with little to no effort.

Toshiro: Where do you see Fuse placing at Niagara?
Divine: I have no doubt they will do amazing in open bracket. Once they get into the championship bracket, it all depends how focused and hungry they want to win this event. Predicting a top ten placing for Fuse.

Toshiro: Who do you want to see them play the most?
Divine: I want to see how they thrive on LAN and play against the best so I would have to say I want to see and Complexity vs Fuse match up.

Toshiro: So in between both interviews, Historify was explaining if I can get a status with 1k retweets, he will dye his hair Fuse blue for the event. Thoughts?
Divine: I plan on making this happen. If we can get enough retweets, I’m dying his hair personally before the event.

Toshiro: Wrapping up this interview would you like to give any shoutouts to anyone?
Divine: I would like to thank Rodger, Raj, and Moti for bring me on Fuse when no one knew who I was. They gave me the chance to coach them and manage their team.

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