Syndicate Roster Update


Before they were known as Syndicate, Droog and Supreme were under the name of Vengeance Gaming prior to moving to Kelevra Gaming and picking up three new players. With relative success with the new team, but not qualifying for the PAX East Invitational left some of the players with disheartening feelings. Shortly after, MadMiles, MartyVanBeze, WhySoCrates decided to abandon Syndicate to pursue other opportunities, leaving the two original members, they will be reforming the team.

With that in mind, both Droog and Supreme looking for three to fill the void in the team. From previous confrontations, they knew DakInJor from League of Legends where he previously was Diamond 1 ADC in SoloQ. Taking the KGO approach by picking up strong MOBA players instead of skilled Infinite Crisis players. Filling up the bot lane, Syndicate was scouting for a support player who can bring in-game knowledge and experience with DakInJor. Br0ze had an exceptional showing at PAX East with VexX Gaming. Placing 4th at the event, that team decided to disband so Syndicate decided to pick him up as their support. Contemplating for a mid laner, Droog and Supreme thought of multiple players to play in the mid lane for them, but no noteworthy players came into mind. DakInJor recommended a League of Legends player Dolphin who he previously teamed with. Just like DakInJor, Dolphin is a Diamond ranked League of Legends player who decided to make the switch to Infinite Crisis and compete with KG Syndicate.

Thoughts from Supreme on the new team:
“Having been in this scene since it’s inception, I feel like I’ve finally brought together the right group of people to really compete in this game. I’ve played many MOBA’s, but none have stirred such a passion for competition. I believe we’ve got the right formula of skill and synergy to play at the highest level with any team in the Infinite Crisis pro scene.”

Quote from Br0ze with his goal:
“Potentially making a living out of this game would be the ultimate goal, besides being the best.”

Kelevra Gaming Syndicate Roster
Top – Supreme
Jungle – Droog
Mid – Dolphin
ADC – DakInJor
Support – Br0ze

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