The three brother teams played their first event with their set rosters. FUSE placed 7, ADVERSITY 9 and TEAM JUSTUS 13th. A few unfortunate occurrences kept the three teams out of top 5, but we are still ecstatic about our placings and looking to dominate at MLG CBUS.

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FUSE – 7th place

FUSE was a huge underdog coming in to UMG. They are called ‘warriors’ online constantly and this tournament was their chance to show the world they aren’t all ping.

Friday, the team quickly closed out two teams, then suffered a ultra close loss to A4V bumping them into the losers bracket. Saturday, the team came in with a fire in their bellies and 3-0′ed every team they played including Quantic and Adversity. Winning the match versus ADV put them in the top 8. 15 maps played and not a single map dropped all day.

Sunday the team was the first to the main stage versus Fear for 6th placement. The team was on fire during the first match taking a commanding hard point win over Fear. They were hyped and in the heads of the opposing team. After the first round, Jeff the owner of UMG came onstage and delivered a warning to the team that they would forfeit if they didn’t quiet down. This unfortunately was hugely detrimental to the teams momentum and they ended up losing a very close match to Fear leaving them at 7th place.

FUSE on main stage winning first round versus FEAR


ADVERSITY – 9th place

Adversity received their first foreboding premonition when Sender, the teams most vocal callout player, showed up with laryngitis . Despite Senders voice being almost gone ADV immediately took main stage and destroyed Team Vanquish who subsequently went on to take 1st place at the event. By the end of Saturday when ADV went up against FUSE for 8th placement, Senders voice was completely gone. They took the loss and finished in 9th place which we are exceedingly happy with considering the circumstances.

ADVERSITY on main stage beating up on VANQUISH


JUSTUS – 13th place

The members of Justus simply could not get a foothold after losing first round on main stage. They made a strong comeback on Saturday on the losers bracket, but ended up taking a loss to the surprisingly fierce A4V who FUSE also fell to on Friday night. They took the placement hard and are redoubling their dedication to prove to the world they are championship material.

JUSTUS getting scrappy with opponents team coach

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